Technology explained

Our solution is software solution

In contrast to the hardware solution of USB analyzer in the market, our solution is software solution. tinySniffer is based on ARM-Linux board and we use the software solution to 1) pass through USB traffic at Linux kernel and 2) capture USB traffic and send to our user space application called sniff application. image.png

Capture USB 3.x traffic

Because our solution is software solution, the same technology can be extended to pass through and capture USB 3.x traffic in our future product.

Endpoints mapping:

  • When capturing USB packets for some USB peripherals our software uses endpoints mapping technique. For these USB peripherals, show endpoints mapping information as below:
sniff@tinySniffer:~$ sniff -i
capturing device:
capturing file:
capturing filters:
endpoints mapping:
  our usb packets capturing is software technology, below endpoint mapping is used:
  usb host    tinySniffer    usb peripheral
  EP1IN       <-             EP1IN
  EP2IN       <-             EP5IN
  EP2OUT      ->             EP2OUT
  EP3OUT      ->             EP3OUT
  EP4OUT      ->             EP4OUT