User's guide

Step 1: introduction

  • There is only ONE connector on Firefly which is USB Type-A to connect to macOS computer.
  • There is 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • There are 2 LEDs, and they are red and green respectively.
    • When Firefly is connected to macOS, red LED lights.
    • When WiFi is connected, green LED blinks.

Step 2: configure WiFi and register Firefly

  • Please login with your Google account before proceed. If you do not have Google account, please create one.
  • Connect Firefly to macOS computer.
  • After 25 seconds, Firefly finishes booting and red LED lights. In computer browser input Firefly IP address to access Firefly.
  • Follow instructions in the browser and connect Firefly to WiFi. After 10 seconds, can see Firefly WiFi IP address and green LED blinks (this indicates WiFi is connected).
  • Click "Go to register" button to register Firefly with account.
  • Connect Firefly to macOS computer you want to remotely access. image.png

Step 3: access Firefly

  • Both remote computer (e.g. iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro) and local computer (e.g. Mac Book Air) must be macOS.
  • Please visit and login.
  • Click "your account => My devices".
  • If remote macOS computer is in sleep, click "Wake up".
  • Click "Access" and follow instructions on the screen to access remote macOS computer. image.png