Q: Is Beetle remote HDMI secure?

A: Yes. Remote computer's HDMI output (originally to a monitor) is captured by Beetle and streamed to your local computer. Only way to access remote computer's HDMI output is login into your account in www.usb7.net and via your account. We gave security ultra extra considerations: 15 seconds after accessing remote machine's HDMI output, path of streaming is cut off. All data are encrypted.

Q: Why there is a monthly fee?

A: The reasons are 2-fold. Firstly, we want to price it as lowest as possible so the consumers can make purchase decision easily. If the consumers do not like Beetle, they can delete it from their account in www.usb7.net and simply throw it away. Secondly, accessing Firefly involes transferring large amount of video data through our servers and there is a cost associated with maintaining our servers.

Q: Can Beetle work with Windows?

A: Yes, we have our unique os-auto-detect software technology. Windows can be auto-detected and supported.

Q: Can I remotely wake up remote computer?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I stream audio out from remote computer?

A: No, streaming audio is not supported in Beetle. This can be considered in our future product.

Q: Does Beetle support 5GHz WiFi?

A: No, Beetle does not support 5GHz WiFi. This is considered for our future product.